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Remote Controls

Remote Controls
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V2 MATCH cloning transmitter for replacing fixed code 433MHz remote controls

The perfect cloning transmitter for all fixed code 433.92MHz remote controls used with gate automati..

£31.39 Ex VAT £37.67 Inc VAT

V2 PHOENIX 433.92MHz rolling code transmitter

Also available as a programmable version with 2 buttons and 4 buttons options. • Special models wit..

£30.65 Ex VAT £36.78 Inc VAT

V2 PHOX 433.92MHz rolling code transmitter

Rolling code transmission 433.92 MHz and 868.30 MHz version 2-button and 4-button versio..

£30.65 Ex VAT £36.78 Inc VAT

V2 PMR 433.92MHz rolling code wall-mounted transmitter in 2 or 4 channels

Option to automatically prolong transmission for 3 seconds, automatic 3 time repetition of the last ..

£39.61 Ex VAT £47.53 Inc VAT